The first 21 Factom Authority Node Operators


Blockchain Innovation Foundation

Creating a Linux Iptables firewall that can be run both on the Factom Test- and Mainnet. The firewall is fully configurable for different operating scenarios and allows for rapid and secure deployment of nodes that do not have or solely rely on external firewalls. Zabbix monitoring integration Blockchain Innovation Foundation (BIF) is currently creating integration for Zabbix. Zabbix is an open-source enterprise-grade real-time monitoring systems for servers, virtual machines and network devices. BIF itself deploys and relies on Zabbix. This integration will be made available to the community for their monitoring needs. Along with other projects.




Block Party

The Block Party team consists of an experienced entrepreneur and a systems architect, who are the co-founders of an international visual effects company with over 600 full-time staff, and an Emmy-winning writer with extensive experience writing marketing copy and branded content. Block Party plans to create and collaborate on marketing projects to increase Factom’s visibility, help the community create business plans and access capital to fund their endeavors, whilst leverage their existing relationships in the visual effects industry to build and implement applications relating to supply chain management and audit compliance.

Blockrock Mining

A mining company located in Northern Norway (70 degrees north), Blockrock’s mining activities run on 100% Norwegian renewable hydroelectric power and their goal is to collect and re-use generated heat, making them an energy zero-sum mining company. In Northern Norway, there is always a demand for heating as heat is a resource and not a waste product.





Building Innovation Management Ltd

A UK based organisation with the aim of using the technology of Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the whole lifecycle of a construction project with Factom as a source of truth, creating a robust audit process. BIM want to standardise the way construction management is performed by putting the BIM model at the core of the project. This ensures that the building is built as designed, always. BuildingIM offer a platform called the ‘Construction Workflow Solution’ (CWS). This SAAS platform allows the management of a building’s construction from BIM design to building handover. By making the BIM model data accessible to everyone on the construction project, BuildingIM can reduce delays and increase productivity.



Canonical Ledgers

A small team of developer/engineer/entrepreneurs who are passionate about making distributed ledgers work in the real world. Their short-term goal is to work with the other authority nodes to stand up a robust and decentralized network for Factom’s M3 codebase and participate in organizing and developing the Factom community and ecosystem. They will be releasing a Discord Factoid tipbot, developing node monitoring systems and documenting best practices for server architecture, collaborating to develop a decentralized identity protocol and application, and starting to explore a third-party entry credits service. Canonical Ledger’s long-term vision is to build better user experiences of blockchain ledgers for high value industry applications. They view running an Authority Server as a key milestone toward taking a direct role in supporting Factom while allowing us to pursue Factom integration development opportunities.





A team consisting of two IT professionals with broad and extensive experience with deploying and maintaining enterprise servers and solutions. CryptoViking’s main focus areas will be to provide stable Authority Set servers with the best uptime possible, as well as contributing to best practices in relation to network design, server-deployment and maintenance procedures. Their main focus is on server uptime and developing the hands-on deployment and maintenance procedures necessary for a successful distributed Authority set.




A Delaware C Corp located in the San Francisco Bay Area. DBGrow was founded to build secure, automated, and intelligent scientific and data management tools that allow entities to take control of their data with a minimal barrier to entry. DBGrow’s commitment to Factom begins with the ecosystem. DBGrow want to help facilitate the growth of the ecosystem by contributing open-source tools, server administration services, technical support, improving developer relations, and marketing the protocol. They strongly believe that the open-source projects we have developed so far, such as distributed apps and object storage, and our future ones purpose built for enterprise applications and scientific research, will help increase the utility, visibility, and value of Factom. The DBGrow team is very excited to be a part of the Factom Authority Set, and we take the commitment very seriously.




The Factoid Authority

They believe the Factom protocol will revolutionise many parts of the IT-ecosystem, and are striving to help make this a reality. The Factoid Authority is primarily focused on software development and is planning a host of offerings for the protocol; Currently they’re working on a new Factom Explorer, a Server Alarm for Discord and collaborating with other entities on an on-chain voting application. In addition to the above they also wish to play a significant part in marketing the protocol towards the broader IT-community, and specifically towards small and medium software development businesses.




Factom, Inc

An Austin-based blockchain technology company that is on a mission to provide blockchain data provenance for complex industries. Factom built the first collaborative blockchain solution that publishes evidence for enterprise businesses. We specialize in building scalable blockchain technology with a predictable cost model to handle enterprise data and volume. With clients such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Factom is the recognized leader in providing blockchain solutions in order to preserve, ensure and validate digital assets. For information, please visit





The evolution of years of collaboration between a group of friends with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, who all support and believe in the Factom Inc. vision and the budding ecosystem emerging around it. Factomatic strives to achieve the twin goals of advancing the security of the Factom ecosystem through the 24/7 management and operation of state-of-the-art infrastructure for Authority Nodes, while facilitating the evolution of the protocol through consulting of new and existing businesses, active development of applications running on the protocol and contributions to the Factom Grant Pool.




Factomize LLC

A high Efficiency Authority Node operation focusing on infrastructure, community forums, articles, and various tools that will be of benefit to the community. Factomize is headed up by David Chapman, the former founder and operator of some of the largest online bulletin board communities in the world.





A team consisting of two business partners with technical and crypto backgrounds, Factoshi is working on two projects to allow transparency on how Factom is being used. They have published a script which will record your FCT revenue in a fiat currency of your choice. The script is designed to be kept running, but it will also backfill historical transactions with historical market prices (price data for transactions which are greater than one week old are slightly less accurate). Find this script on the Factoshi Github and ensure you take note of the read me first.




Federate This

Primarily located in Dubai and London Federate This are split into four branches: Running Authority Nodes on Mainnet, innovative marketing campaign with a global footprint, developing ‘Off-Blocks’ – a suite of apps for the aviation industry and testnet admin – onboarding clients to the testnet, providing ongoing corporate support. The team have been assisting fellow operators in establishing infrastructure, as well as consulting with ‘Factom Inc’ on implementing Portainer and Docker Swarm.



Go Immutable

Deliberately constructed to: (1) Provide top-level technical support (2) onboard new enterprise clients. Go Immutable’s team has experience creating, implementing, and servicing enterprise architecture for Fortune 500 clients. Additionally their network and clients range from The United States Department of Homeland Security to the largest prescription drug monitoring service in the United States to Fortune 500 companies seeking blockchain solutions for smart cities, logistics, manufacturing, 3D printing and more.





Comprised of three french engineers eager to promote a more honest world whose backgrounds range from IT and Finance, to industrial project development and have relationships with the French school system and other diversified fields. HashnStore main goal is to firstly promote the Factom Protocol ideas and principles in countries part of the European Union; secondly to facilitate the onboarding of entities, be they private companies, public institutions or simple associations, onto the Protocol. They believe France is the most proactive country on the blockchain topic in Europe, working hard on implementing blockchain-based legislations (cf. Decree of December on decentralised systems to hold and exchange financial assets). Operating from France provides an insurance to be supported by existing public entities, in accordance with the current local dynamic toward this technology.






A Canada based business. Besides operational excellence in the maintenance of their Federated Servers, LUCIAP focus’ on advancing the Factom developer ecosystem by creating software libraries, applications and educational content. Factom technology is unique in many ways in the crypto world, hence wanting to help developers get familiar and able to build quickly on Factom. LUCIAP’s first flagship project is Factom.js, an enterprise grade JavaScript library that makes it very easy to interact with Factom blockchain. This library already serves as the foundational layer of many other projects LUCIAP and other teams are developing and includes a tool to store files directly in the blockchain (factom-storage) and tools around Factom identities. Most of their work is released as open-source software readily available and open to outside contributions. Their goal is to empower developers around the world to develop amazing applications on Factom.





Matter of Fact LLC

A team of Factom investors and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world, Matter of Fact have come together with the purpose of furthering the Factom protocol through being a marketing and news engine with a global reach. They intend to bring an engaging and authoritative web and physical presence to the Factom protocol, it’s use cases, the community and Authority node operators. Through Matter of Fact will be the voice of all listed and strive for maximum exposure through traditional, digital and physical marketing avenues relevant to the Factom protocol.




Factom used in every industry is a critical part of the backend component to meet regulatory requirements. The difficulty in achieving this vision is the lack of user-friendly implementation tools for real world businesses. Layertechl team wants to be the bridge to that future by building products and services that will seamlessly integrate existing business processes with Factom protocol. They are focusing on building out the business eco-system that will exist alongside Factom protocol. Short term, Layertech will focus on regulatory guidance to lay the groundwork needed to bring various industries onboard. Long term, they want to demonstrate to the financial industries that adopting Factom protocol can reduce their overhead and improve compliance.





Co-founded by four entrepreneurs, with a combination of 5 exits behind them, and deep technical and business skills. A team of computer scientists and entrepreneurs who love technology, and believe Factom will have a major positive impact on the world’s systems.
We are focussed on building consumer-facing applications that demonstrate the utility of the Factom Blockchain. We hacked together in around 24 hours, a simple PoC demonstrating how cheap and easy it is to store data in Factom. We are working on a node manager which will manage brain-swaps for Authority Nodes, and will alert operators of any issues.




Stamp-IT is a newly created Canadian company with the goal to build business solutions using the Factom protocol. The founders Patrice Lacroix, Miguel Proulx and Jimmy Perron are going to leverage and integrate this technology to projects needing data integrity namely life after death and smart cities projects. The team has a lot of experience in IT, R&D and business management. Furthermore, they are going to put resources forward to help strengthen the protocol. To help their clients integrating Factom in their applications, they will develop and operate a cloud service callable using developer-friendly API, which will be publicly accessible. This will facilitate integration of Factom in many applications. They are highly motivated tech and really enthusiasts about Factom and the possibilities it opens.





Founded in 2018, Syncroblock is US / Indonesia-based Authority Node Operator (ANO) on the Factom blockchain. We maintain a vision of a world where antiquated, inefficient, and costly ways of handing transactions are abolished. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in high-availability websites (presently operating a web property with 10mm unique per month), top security clearance U.S. Government applications, low-latency trading execution networks at the world’s largest banks, and much more. Our short-term goal is increasing awareness and education for developers of the Factom protocol, recognizing that developers are on the “front line” to facilitating business adaptation. Longer-term, we have a goal of creating a scalable framework for small organizations (SMBs) to realize the benefits of integrating the Factom protocol to solve their business challenges. We are excited about the future of Factom, and are extremely grateful to be a part of this vibrant community.