Go Immutable – An elected Factom Authority Node Operator

Go Immutable was deliberately constructed to: (1) Provide high-level technical support to the Factom community.  (2) onboard new enterprise clients. Their team has experience creating, implementing, and servicing enterprise architecture for Fortune 500 clients and a network that ranges from The United States Department of Homeland Security to the largest prescription drug monitoring service in the United States.

Who is Go Immutable?

Go Immutable has four core partners that have known each other for several decades.  The team also consist of an additional 2-3 that comprise the tech team. Matt Osborne and Greg Forst met 10 yrs ago in Chicago through a mutual friend and have collaborated previously in business. Paul Forst, Greg’s brother, is a Senior Data Analyst and Tom Derhake is a Senior Partner at Liberty Advisor Group. Their advisory board consists of high level advisors with relationships in government and fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Go Immutable’s project/s timeline

Initial focus is on getting servers and technical architecture set up and internal business and legal structure;

  1. Provide top-level tech support for our nodes and build an enterprise level support team around this to support us now and in the future.
  2. Educate enterprise level clients about Factom through team members relationships with fortune 500 companies. Group brainstorming for short-term and long-term strategy to bring to enterprise level clients to the community.  
  3. Build on top of the Factom protocol with  enterprise end-users already in hand.

How does Go Immutable further the Factom protocol?

  1. Educate enterprise clients and their teams access to decision makers.
  2. Provide legal guidance in the establishment of the Factom protocol Governance, Guides and taxes (CPA).
  3. Creation of the first blockchain solution for prescription drug monitoring.
  4. Early stages of architecture and structure for best practice within the community.
  5. Bring vital resources to the community.  

What industries does Go Immutable believe the Factom protocol could serve best?

  1. Logistics –  Go Immutable recently attended the Council of Supply Chain Management Roundtable in Chicago that had a blockchain panel.
  2. Security and defence (homeland security).
  3. Medical – a Go Immutable team member works at the largest prescription drug monitoring company in the United States that is state mandated. This is a high level use case. 

Authority Set application process interview questions

  1. How did you find the process of the Authority Set application?
    The overall timeframes were tight. Although we feel it was a good first step.
  2. What areas of the application process do you think need amending and why?
    A little less rushed with some more clarity and organization.
  3. What has been the most difficult aspect of the process?
    The fast timeline
  4. What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the process?
    Being a new space and new process. The excitement of being a part of a newly created ecosystem.
  5. What would you have done differently in hindsight?
    Push for more clarity and time during the process.  It was a learning process for everyone involved. 
  6. Any recommendations for teams that are applying to join the authority set?
    Keep the big picture in mind of what brought you into Factom and the excitement of why you are applying.
    With any new business you have to be “deep in the weeds” at times.
    Be strategic and look towards the long term.
    Stay on top of what is going on in the community.

We look forward to working with the Factom community to make the Factom protocol the world’s leader in digital immutability!”

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