LUCIAP – An elected Factom Authority Node Operator

LUCIAP is mostly a technical team with intent to make libraries and tools and some educational content for other developers to understand Factom and develop for Factom. They’ve already developed projects and are working on more.

Who is LUCIAP?

LUCIAP is a Canadian business who’s lead developer has already created factom.js which is an enterprise grade javascript library to interact easily with the Factom blockchain. He has also created Factom Storage, which allows entire files to be stored on Factom. They plan to develop a broad range of other tools and services going forward.

Two team members Paul Bernier and Lucia Lu, have been in business before. Paul looks after back-end development and Lucia is focused on front-end.

LUCIAP’s project/s timeline

Factom JS library – an interface to interact with the Factom blockchain in an easy way. Factom has the concept of chain and entries, with basic tools created by Factom to read and write those entries. The JS library is a tool that allows developers to manipulate those chains. A foundational building block for developers to build more complicated applications on Factom and this simplifies the process. The default software provided by Factom inc, requires a lot of lines of code, this tool builds a layer of x (for example) to make it easy and create change.

LUCIAP are working on educational content with tutorials and are expecting to being work on these in 1-2 months.

How does LUCIAP further the Factom protocol?

For the Authority Set campaign, LUCIAP positioned themselves as creating technical tools for other developers. This will help in furthering Factom as it will remove complications for developers and the educational documentation will provide technical details of Factom that not many are aware of.

What industries does LUCIAP believe the Factom protocol could serve best?

In relation to public data and specifically government related data. A project/prototype from Canadian government, published information about public funding and they use Ethereum, in this case Factom would be much more suited for public data and storing hashes. Open data where the public administration or government release publicly the data set for everyone to audit – Factom is a data player.

Authority Set application process interview questions

  1. How did you find the process of the Authority Set application? 

    It was okay, I’m (Luap) involved in the community. The information in Discord everyday was helpful, but difficult to stay up with. The requirements changed daily.

  2. What areas of the application process do you think need amending and why? 

    In the end 30% was technical and 70% was up to the Guide – this human factor means the process could’ve been more subjective. We don’t have any idea of what the framework was for this subjective judgement. The framework for the technical detail was provided, we need clarity on subjective detail.

  3. What has been the most difficult aspect of the process?– Keeping up with what was required.
    – Timing, depending on when you started to write your document.
    – The final requirements were pretty close to the deadline.
  4. What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the process? 

    Putting together the application and being able to explain our vision.

  5. What would you have done differently in hindsight? 

    Not really anything, we’re happy with our application and the outcome.

  6. Any recommendations for teams that are applying to join the authority set 

    Being involved in the community and in particular in the testnet was very helpful. From the 21 who got selected, it’s obvious the involvement in the testnet made a difference. Don’t just submit application with promises. We already started making tools, the JS library. Demonstrate your commitment.

Connect with LUCIAP

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