Monday 13 August 2018 – BuildingIM Ltd are pleased to announce an agreement with one of the largest providers of construction worker accreditations in the United Kingdom to integrate the BuildingIM Construction Workflow Solution platform into the accreditation data set.  

BuildingIM is an Authority Node Operator on the Factom network who provide tools for the construction industry. The tools developed by BuildingIM Ltd will create millions of entries onto the Factom blockchain while raising the profile of the protocol within the construction industry.  

BuildingIM are one of the first companies to use blockchain technology in the construction industry. Their first project to market is the Construction Workflow Solution (CWS) which will secure workers digital identity with Factom. Every worker who downloads the CWS app will create a digital identity, which is used as proof of their competence, experience, and accreditation. By putting digital identities at the heart of CWS, BuildingIM are providing a platform where transparent, compliant, efficient and safe construction projects can be managed.

“With its focus on providing a data-integrity platform, Factom really is the best solution for the vast majority of the blockchain requirements of the construction industry. I’m very excited about the future of Factom in this space, and you should be to!” Calum Muir, co-founder of BuildingIM.

BuildingIM have developed a working relationship with one of the largest health and safety accreditation bodies in the UK construction industry. The governing accreditation body has issued over 1.5 million cards to construction workers in the UK, with another 30,000 cards issued every month.  Construction workers are only issued with cards once they have passed a health and safety course proving that the worker can keep themselves and others safe on-site. To navigate this large amount of data, BuildingIM Ltd will use API calls to the database of accredited individuals to verify that the approvals declared by an individual within the CWS app are real, current, and meet the requirements of the site Health and Safety team.

Currently, Health and Safety professionals are known to take photocopies of accreditation cards during induction, with data stored away in folders on-site. This method is time consuming, open to fraud (through fake cards), and creates a GDPR compliance issue. With the CWS, data is stored securely on BuildingIM servers avoiding GDPR issues while allowing health and safety professionals quick access for easy auditing and compliance report generation.

The BuildingIM CWS platform further enhances site security by using a worker’s login to sign-in to sites and to access the tasks they have been allocated. Only site inducted and competent workers will be allowed on-site and only tasks they have accreditations for can be allocated to their task list. This data will be secured on Factom’s immutable blockchain, creating verifiable and unaltered work histories that workers can share with prospective employers in the future.

“Once the advantages of putting these Digital Identities at the heart of a construction project are realised, we see there being a huge increase in demand when the rest of the industry has no choice but to follow; by being one of the first companies to bring a useable product to the market based on the Factom protocol, we hope to bring even more use cases to the protocol”. Calum Muir, co-founder of BuildingIM

This first announcement is only one of many accreditation bodies that BuildingIM are working with.

The Factom technology secures data for private and public organizations by publishing encrypted data or a cryptographically unique fingerprint of the data to Factom’s immutable, distributed blockchain. Its M3 Governance roll-out in May 2018 saw 21 elected Authority Node Operators, with an eventual 65, for a fully distributed, autonomous blockchain protocol.

For further information please contact BuildingIM and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.