DBGrow – An elected Factom Authority Node Operator

Who is DBGrow?

DBGrow is a Delaware C Corp located in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded to build secure, automated, and intelligent scientific and data management tools that allow entities to take control of their data with a minimal barrier to entry. DBGrow’s commitment to Factom begins with the ecosystem – they want to help facilitate the growth of the ecosystem by contributing open-source tools, server administration services, technical support, improving developer relations, and marketing the protocol. They will continue to utilize their team’s experience in enterprise cloud software, big-data analytics, and scientific research. The DBGrow team is very excited to be a part of the Factom Authority Set, and take the commitment extremely seriously.

DBGrow’s project/s timeline

DBGrow are working on a number of projects;

  1. Factom Object DB – this library creates immutable audit trails for database objects.
  2. Factom proof of support server and Factom proof of support Android application that is integrated with Factom audit trails proving support consistency, speed and check-ins of support staff. This is currently working software, that isn’t polished, and not in use now (due to TFAs robust notification bot), but will be used as DBGrow’s support team grows.
  3. Factomd Cache project is a caching layer for the Factom API. Improves the performance of querying over and searching through chains on the Factom API using a hybrid memory+disk cache.

How does DBGrow further the Factom protocol?

DBGrow want to help spearhead the formation of Factoms governance structure. Forming a decentralized organization is a fascinating endeavor, with many challenges and opportunities. DBGrow see their knowledge and expertise used in this area, being central to carving out the protocols governance structure.

Also, by contributing open-source tools, server administration services, technical support, improving developer relations, and marketing the protocol. DBGrow strongly believe that the open-source projects they have developed so far, and our future ones will help increase the utility and visibility of Factom.

What industries does DBGrow believe Factoms protocol could serve the best?

Factom is a pure data solution, and thus DBGrow believes Factom has the potential to become a ubiquitous second-layer solution for any industry that needs to secure data. They are particularly interested in Factom applications for securities/fintech, smart contracts, and scientific research.

Authority Set application process interview questions

  1. How did you find the process of the Authority Set application?

    The DBGrow team discovered the Authority Set application process through the Factom discord community, and were lead there from another community member on Reddit.
  2. What has been the most difficult aspect of the process?

    The most challenging aspect of this process has also been one of the most rewarding. Creating a distributed organization like the Factom ecosystem is truly entering into unexplored waters. This is both an exciting and difficult process to be apart of.
  3. What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the process?

    Besides working on governance, we’ve received a great amount of enjoyment working with the Factom platform to build impactful scientific and data management technologies.
  4. Recommendations for teams that are applying to join the authority set

    We recommend that future teams applying to the Authority Set craft a business continuity plan that accurately models their budget at different Factoid prices. The ability of ANO’s to operate is closely tied with market forces outside of our immediate control, and it is important to be prepared for any eventuality.

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